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Hey. I wanna start tomorrow the exam for the TensorFlow developer certificate. It is tensorflow 2.5 required. I have a Mac with M1 and only tensorflow-macos runs on the machine. Does somebody knows if it is still possible to use tensorflow-macos with installing the plugin or is it only possible to use tensorflow 2.5 . If I can use only tensorflow 2.5 somebody knows a solution how to run this version on an M1? Thank you.

Hi to all - be new and need help. does anyone have an idea where I can find information to get tensorflow running on a chromebook. I want to do object recognition with it. I also ordered a corla usb accelerator, but it won’t be delivered before March 2022.

A post was merged into an existing topic: i have made dog breed identification it’s working till last month today i try to run again i getting error uable to solve this Help

Hey, I wanted to use Visual Studio Code to use tensor flow, and I installed tensor flow 2. However when I run my code using python I keep getting a warning that interferes with the output, it says I beed to upload AVX2 and FMA, but that is not available on my Mac. Does anyone know a way to go around this warning and receive a response? I am also using a virtual environment and not directly installing it to my device.

hello, I am trying to take output from intermediate layers and attach to another model. How to do that, i tried using functional and sub classing but failed in both in both approach’s, Function approach shows functional object error and subclassing doesn’t recognize if is take any pretrained model as layer. Help in this regards

Hello!!! have a good time today…I am new here tf community…Salaam and best wishes for all community members

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Can anyone help me that how can I get the latest version version updates from google Play store for my wordPress wesbsite?

Hi to everyone! I am new to the forum. I just want to know that; can we design Digital Twin with Machine learning algorithms for cyber physical system with TensorFlow?

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Hi Carlos
I have heterogenous dataset - example ;amazon reviews which also contains review text column plus product id,product type, rating etc . Now I wish to create Random Forest using deep neural decision forest(DNDF) to solve classification problem for sentiment analysis for each product.

Do i need to preprocess -review text column by converting it into word embeddings and then append to original dataset or preproprocessing is not required for DNDF ?
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I want to use bodySegmentation model in react-native(0.72.4) project. I installed expo-gl(13.2.0),expo-gl-cpp(11.4.0),tensorflow/tfjs(4.11.0), react(18.2.0) but when i’m trying to install tensorflow/tfjs-react-native(0.8.0) library it’s giving following error: Could not resolve dependency: npm ERR! peer expo-gl@“^7.0.0” from @tensorflow/tfjs-react-native@0.8.0 npm ERR! node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-react-native npm ERR! @tensorflow/tfjs-react-native@“*” from the root project

Please help me to resolve this issue.