Advent of Code 2021 in pure TensorFlow - day 1

Hi everyone!

Even if it’s a bit late (today is the 11th day, but I’m starting from day 1) I decided to start solving all the puzzles of the Advent of Code (AoC) using TensorFlow, designing pure TensorFlow programs.

I’m doing this for fun, but also for showing that solving a coding puzzle with TensorFlow doesn’t mean throwing fancy machine learning stuff (without any reason) to the problem for solving it.

On the contrary, I want to demonstrate the flexibility - and the limitations - of the framework, showing that TensorFlow can be used to solve any kind of problem and that the produced solutions have tons of advantages with respect to the solutions developed using any other programming languages.

Here’s the article I wrote about my solution for the Day 1 challenge. More will come :smiley:

Let me know your thoughts!