Are docs contributions accepted?

I’m reading the docs to get a better at tf and I see errors like here:


Create a Dataset that produces each element from provided JavaScript generator, which is a function* (Iterators and generators - JavaScript | MDN), or a function that returns an iterator (Iterators and generators - JavaScript | MDN).

*Actually this page is fixing the links automatically, but are not well formatted in the docs.

I could go and read where and how to contribute but I guess since I’ll do effort to fix some, it’d be nice to just know in advance where could we help.

On, the API docs are generated from the API code itself, so the link you provided is where you would need to apply the fix.

Check out the TFJS contributor guide. We also have a general TF docs contributor guide, though the JS docs are handled a little differently so those instructions won’t apply verbatim.

If you’re comfortable with Git, you can send a PR to that repo and take it from there.


Thank you. Yes I like Git. I will do some then…

I wont suggest code for this but imho it’d be useful to have a padSquare as well, that for any input tensor squares it with zeros. since so many images aren’t square and so many models require fixed squared size. What do you think @macd ?