Artificial intelligence for dummies: how to start your journey into the world of artificial intelligence."

Today I want to ask everyone who works in this field the question: “How to create or train artificial intelligence if you have no experience in programming?”
Let’s collect all the most interesting and useful tips and recommendations together! I am waiting for your comments!

Hi @Fim, Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

The first thing was you should have some basic knowledge in programming. For creating and training a Machine learning models you should know what are the algorithms used for specific use cases. For example,

  • for image classification we use CNN(convolution neural network).
  • for sentiment analysis and text classification we use LSTM(long short term memory).
  • for predicting continuous values which we use Linear regression.

The most important thing for training to get the best results was data preprocessing. In this step we perform different methods like data cleaning, data reduction etc… to prepare the data set for training.

Thank You.