[Ask your questions here] Women in ML Symposium

Hi everyone,

The Women in Machine Learning Symposium is next Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited to meet you all LIVE at this event!

We created an event especially tailored to answer your questions related to career development, leadership, how to join OSS ML communities and more!

Our team will be answering your questions at the event, so please drop any questions you would really like to see answered on this post. Join us live on Tuesday to hear all the answers and the stories of leaders in ML.

Just a reminder that this event is open to everyone! Women, gender minorities and allies in tech are all welcomed :blush:

Ask your questions here :point_down: :point_down:


I am a PhD student of Machine Learning working on probabilistic graphical models. I am looking for ways to improve myself. I also need collaboration, which is an integral part of community building. My background is Math, Statistics, Python and sql

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I’m a master’s student at Auburn University. My research is focused on using ML and robotics in Agriculture. I’m interested in joining the ML GDE program, can you please tell me more about it?

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Thank you so much for organizing the event and giving us an opportunity to hear from women in the ML field. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
How can I be a part of the ML GDE program ?
Best wishes,

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Hello! I am interested in joining the ML GDE program. I have experience with ML using MathLab, Octave, Python and deep learning using Tensorflow API with python. I took the Andrew Ng certification for ML on Coursera and I am familiar with the theory and the Math behind the ANN models.

I am a computer engineer with over 20 years experience in all sorts of industries and languages. Right now I work in the field of clinical studies .

I coach a public High School robotics (FIRST FTC league) team in Florida. I have helped them with creating models and used them to run inference on live video streams on Android.

I would like to become an expert in Tensorflow in order to create models to analyse language, and mine emotions.

@kamand_bagherian @khushboo-gehi @Brigitte_Bedard
Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum and thanks for attending the Women in ML event earlier today! For more info about the ML GDE program, you can go here.

You can also fill out this form to express your interest in becoming an ML GDE.


Thank you Marcus, went through the links. Looks like I need a bit more work to be put in before I apply. Is there someone I could connect with for mentorship?

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Hi, I believe there’s a directory for GDEs on the site I shared. I would recommend searching for ML GDEs in your region or area and try contacting them directly to ask for advice or help in mentoring.


Hello everyone,
I am assistant professor, did PhD in Machine learning related.
I am so excited to meet you all.
Seeking for learnings.


Hi Dhanamma, my daughter who is in Washington DC needs to learn tensorflow to code a simple problem which is very important for her project. She is a fast learner . Do you know if anyone will be able to tutor her asap this week? Thanks in advance! Doc_K