Audio metadata problem with speech recognition

Hello! I’m still working on Reconocimiento de audio simple: reconocimiento de palabras clave  |  TensorFlow Core and I was unable to use one of my own audio files in place of the training files. When I try to use it, I get the following error: InvalidArgumentError: Dimension -6522 must be >= 0
[[{{node zeros}}]] [Op:IteratorGetNext]

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Henry_Sommer , The drive link shared by you is not an open link and it asks for access.

@Divvya_Saxena Sorry! got that fixed.

Hello @Henry_Sommer

When you check the shape of in the original WAV file in your dataset, what does your output show?

For example, when using the original tutorial’s mini Speech Commands dataset:

DATASET_PATH = 'data/mini_speech_commands'
test_file ='/down/0a9f9af7_nohash_0.wav')
test_audio, _ =


TensorShape([13654, 1])

where 1 is a channel dimension (mono). So, the waveform on its own is kind of like a 1D array.

If you can share some code, that might help us help you with debugging.