Basic TensorFlow Queries

Hello everybody,

I am new to TensorFlow and to this community. I am trying to learn it from a very basic level. So, I have few questions about TensorFlow, which I could not find answers online. Any online tutorial on the following questions are welcome:

  1. How does TensorFlow work under the hood? For example: DAG (Logical Model) and Stages (physical Execution Model) in the case of Apache Spark.
  2. How does Tensorflow optimize the tensor graph for lazy (non-eager) evaluation? How does it gain speed-up while pipelining operations? (Stage pipelining in terms of Spark which can run in parallel)
  3. What algorithm is followed by matmul function to multiply two dense matrices? I could not understand the algorithm from the code? Any reference would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Chandan,

I don’t have the answers but these videos might give you some insights:

more in-depth info you can find in these videos on this list: Inside TensorFlow

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Thanks @lgusm for the tutorial links. It will be of great help.