Best Practice for Transforming y_pred in Tensorflow's Metric

In my previous project, I need to frame an image classification task as a regression problem. I implement the regression model using Tensorflow, with standard Sequential model with a 1 node Dense layer with no activation function as the last layer. In order to measure the performance, I need to use standard classification metrics, such as accuracy and cohen kappa.

However, I can’t directly use those metrics because my model is a regression model, so I need to clip and round the output before feeding them to the metrics. I use a workaround by defining my own metric, however that workaround is not practical. Therefore, I’m thinking about contributing to Tensorflow by implementing a custom transformation_function to transform y_pred by a Tensor lambda function before storing them in the __update_state method. After reading the source code, I get doubts regarding this idea. So, I’m asking out to you, fellow Tensorflow user/contributors, what is the best practice of transforming y_pred before feeding it to a metric? Is this functionality already implemented in the newest version?

Thank you!

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