Brand new and want help to learn


If I want to feed a bunch of data into a model and then get the model result to use in an app. What type of model/training should I be learning about?

So let’s say I have a whole bunch of reviews on a book and want to train a model with those reviews. Then use that model to have a page to show the average review on that book. This model will keep building and growing as reviews are added but can also be requested at any point to get the current model result.


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You should look into building a supervised machine learning model, specifically a natural language processing (NLP) model. For your task of analyzing book reviews, you can use a sentiment analysis model that is trained to classify text as positive, negative or neutral.

You can use a dataset of labeled book reviews to train the model, and then use it to predict the sentiment of new reviews.

To keep the model updated as new reviews are added, you can implement a process for retraining the model on a regular basis or on-demand when new data is available.

Thank you!