Can random forest model be converted to tensorflow.js

I’m thinking about training a random_forest model in python using the tensorflow decision forests library. I was wondering if anyone knew if the model could be converted to tensorflow.js.

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hi @Umair_Malik,

Unfortunately not. But thanks for bringing this up. Actually feel free to add a “feature request” issue in our github repository

This (or a variation, some way of having training and inference in the browser) is a long standing item in our “we would love to do/have it” list!

We cannot commit to it yet, because we have a large list of higher priority items to work on right now. But I’ll post here whenever this changes.

@pyu @lina128 FYI - May be worth syncing with @Jan to discuss options here if also aligns with any of our 2022 goals though probably would need both teams to collaborate for this.