Chat GPT and TensorFlow Certification Exam

As a Certified TensorFlow Developers my concern is that after Chat GPT being popular so it will effect the authenticity of TensorFlow Certification so I suggest following ideas to TensorFlow Community to improve the authenticity of Exam:
1- Implement proctoring and anti-cheating measures: To prevent new exam takers from using AI language models or other cheating methods during the exam, the TensorFlow community may use proctoring and anti-cheating measures, such as monitoring software or live proctors, to ensure the authenticity of the exam.
2- Continuously update the exam content: As AI language models continue to improve, it is important to continuously evaluate and update the exam content and assessment methods to ensure the authenticity and validity of the TensorFlow certification exams. This can help ensure that the exam remains challenging and relevant for new exam takers and that AI language models are unable to generate the correct answers.
TensorFlow community should take action on this issue to perpetuate the authenticity of TensorFlow Certification.

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