Chatbot using Flutter & Dart

I am an android and iOS developer and I want to make a chatbot using tensor flow with the help of Flutter & Dart. The chatbot is able to answer of the user input questions. Basically I want a FAQ Chatbot. I want to train my bot with some constant faq question answers by which it can detect and able to answer. I found nothing over internet about my mentioned query.

You can check:

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We have developed a similar chatbot couple of years back. I used SciPy and BERT mostly along with TensorFlow. Also since the bot just needs to answer FAQs it is quite easy. I remember the client that worked for required NLP and sentiment analysis incorporated into the bot, which made it more difficult to create. We had to implement SCIKT and NLTK as well for the development, which complicated the process. But you can find more in-depth details of our Removed by moderator page and assistance to develop a FAQ bot also can be provided since such bots are simple to create and easier to understand.