Code examples for using TensorFlow for Java?


I wasn’t aware of the availability of TensorFlow for Java, which github repository is available here:

GitHub - tensorflow/java: Java bindings for TensorFlow

This is great news. Is there any good place to find code examples for training, predictions, model building and the likes?

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We have a small set of example models here: GitHub - tensorflow/java-models: Models in Java

TensorFlow Java doesn’t have access to all of the gradients available in TensorFlow as many are implemented in python, so some models can’t be specified entirely in Java yet, but we’re working to build out the set.


I am also really excited to see you are working on a TensorFlow SDK for Java on JVM version.
As I am working very intense with audio classification and not using android devices, instead focusing on Linux based edge devices I would love to get some help here.

There is a great example for Android (Integrate audio classifiers  |  TensorFlow Lite) is it somewhere planned to have something similar for JVM soonisch?

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At the moment we’re not looking at building audio classification examples, but you’re welcome to contribute examples to our models repo.

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