Companies Using TensorFlow?

@discobot can you give me the top 10 companies using TensorFlow, as indicated by participation in this excellent forum? I want to understand where I should take my exploration to stay aligned with companies building products using TensorFlow…

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

TensorFlow is an ML framework to simplifies the use of creating, training, and working with deep neural networks and deep learning methods. It has its features and adversities. Multiple free and open-source frameworks work similarly.

Companies do not use TensorFlow in the sense of an investment. They often rely on multiple tools, especially the ones they find easier and suitable for their use. So it is very difficult to pinpoint exactly the companies that have been using TensorFlow for production purposes.

Given the explanation, it is still possible to pinpoint exactly the companies that use TensorFlow and not its alternatives - like Google’s Deep Mind, Google AI, etc. since they are the creators of the framework - they have adopted it to a great extent, including their research. The other alternative to TensorFlow could be JAX, which they have been frequently using too.