Compilation issue faced in Aws edge manager due to version mismatch

Hi Team,

We have trained our Ml model using keras framework (version =2.11.0) which is used for RUL prediction, and we want to run this model on an edge device so we made use of aws sagemaker edge manager but while compiling this model we are facing below error,

Error: localhost compiler-container-Primary[5139]: RuntimeError: InputConfiguration: Unable to load provided Keras model. Error: ‘sample_weight_mode’

And as per the documentation (Supported Instance Types and Frameworks - Amazon SageMaker), the compiler uses keras version 2.2.4 which does not support the features of 2.11, so we tried to use the 2.2.4 keras version to train our model but we were not able to achieve this as the tensorflow is updating the keras version.

So could you please help us with this issue.

Or is it possible to get tensorflow version 1.15.3 and keras 2.2.4?