Contradictory error messages while training tf.estimator.DNNClassifier

I have been creating a tf.estimator.DNNClassifier model in order to classify data I have into three categories that I have designated as either “0”, “1”, “2”. These values are in a pandas series that I the pass to the model along with the training data in the below code:

classifier = tf.estimator.DNNClassifier(
        # Define the nodes in the two fidden layers
        hidden_units=[30, 10],
        # The model must choose between 3 classes

        input_fn=lambda: input_fn(train, train_y, training=True),

When I run this code and the values are a string I get the Error Message: ValueError: Labels dtype should be integer. Instead got <dtype: 'string'>.

However when I then change these values to integers I get the next error message: TypeError: Expected binary or unicode string, got 0

Both of these error messages are generated when I attempt to train the model I can’t find any reason why I am getting two error messages which seem to contradict each other. Does anyone know what’s going on?

If anymore context is needed such as the surrounding code let me know.