Convert to tfrecord and write directly to an AWS S3 Bucket

I have some images that I would like to convert to TFRecord format and load them into an S3 Bucket on AWS. However, existing solutions I found requires saving the TFRecords locally first, then uploading the saved local files to S3. I’m wondering if there’s a way to convert to TFRecords and save the output as .tfrecord directly to an S3 bucket.

I think that if you check point 6 probably it could work also with an s3 url:

Unfortunately I got an File system scheme 's3' not implemented error when I tried that. The filename I used with was s3://BUCKET-NAME/record-name.tfrecord.

Have you tried to install


I attempted the above with with 0.17 installed and got the same error (also tried with s3e and got the same).

@mihaimaruseac as you have replied on the mentioned ticket do you know something more?

For additional information, I’m using tensorflow 2.4.4, with OS Windows 10. For some reason works, even without installing, but other methods like' returns the same s3 not implemented` error