ConvLSTM1D usage

How to use ‘ConvLSTM1D’, are there any packages to install?

Hi @naveen_kumar,

There is only ConvLSTM2D layer in Keras layers API but you combine Conv1D and LSTM as these layers exists.

You can refer to the notebook that uses Conv1D and LSTMs to get an idea of how to combine them.

You will need to install TensorFlow (refer to the official guide) or import it directly in Colab Notebooks.

There is:

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Thanks for clarifying, @Bhack. I didn’t know that it exists, I was referring to Keras doc(Only ConvLSTM2D there).

Has it been in TensorFlow API doc for long, or it’s part of TF 2.6 updates?

Yes It was introduced in June with

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Thanks a lot for the information, @Bhack. That’s a great update!

Thanks for the info @Jean and @Bhack

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