Cosine similarity too small in Facial Recognition application

Hi all, I’m new to Tensorflow and I’m trying to develop a simple Facial Recognition application.

I have an image of myself to take features from my face and then with another similar image I try to identify myself. I am using the InceptionResnetV2 model from TensorFlow Hub. The problem is that after taking the features of the test image, I compare them with the features of the previous image using cosine of similarity and I get a very small value (close to 0) being the first image and the test image very similar, as you can see in the “Images” and “Test” directories of my Github repository. Furthermore, which is the typical threshold value to recognize someone?

I have the code and the images in the next GitHub repository: GitHub - andergalvan/Facial_Recognition

First I execute image_features.ipynb file to take features and then, facial_recognition.ipynb file to make predictions.

If someone could help me, I would appreciate it a lot.