Cross-compiling for arm64

I am trying to cross-compile the tflite binary with ubuntu 22.04 x86_64 to arm64.
By following instructions on Costruisci TensorFlow Lite per schede ARM. I am able to cross-compile the binary with bazel. However, I also need I tried following instructions at 精选 TensorFlow 算子  |  TensorFlow Lite. If i build with the command “bazel build -c opt --config=monolithic tensorflow/lite/delegates/flex:tensorflowlite_flex” the binary is for x86_64, not arm64. Adding option “–config=elinux_aarch64” leads into following errors:

external/icu/icu4c/source/common/unicode/rbbi.h:263:19: error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual UBool icu_70::RuleBasedBreakIterator::operator==(const icu_70::BreakIterator&) const’
virtual UBool operator==(const BreakIterator& that) const;
In file included from external/icu/icu4c/source/common/unicode/rbbi.h:30,
from external/icu/icu4c/source/common/brkiter.cpp:27:
/usr/include/unicode/brkiter.h:127:18: note: overridden function is ‘virtual bool icu_70::BreakIterator::operator==(const icu_70::BreakIterator&) const’
virtual bool operator==(const BreakIterator&) const = 0;

is there a way to cross-compile “” from x86_64 to arm64?