Custom Losss Function Tensorflow datatype error

I try to implement custom arcface loss function, but when I try below code I am getting error for call function:

def call(self, y_true: FloatTensor, y_pred: FloatTensor) -> FloatTensor:

    projector = tf.math.l2_normalize(y_true, axis=1)
    predictor = tf.math.l2_normalize(y_pred, axis=1)

    cos_theta = tf.matmul(projector, predictor)
    cos_theta = tf.clip_by_value(cos_theta, -1.0, 1.0)

    index = tf.where(self.num_classes != -1)[0]

    m_hot = tf.zeros(index.size()[0], cos_theta.size()[1])

    m_hot.scatter_(1, self.num_classes[index, None], self.margin)

    cos_theta = tf.acos(cos_theta)
    cos_theta[index] += m_hot
    cos_theta = cos_theta.cos()
    cos_theta = tf.math.multiply(cos_theta, self.scale)

    loss: FloatTensor = tf.nn.softmax(cos_theta, dim=1)

    return loss

projector = tf.math.l2_normalize(y_true, axis=0) error occur in this line

TypeError: Expected uint8 passed to parameter 'y' of op 'Maximum', got 1e-12 of type

Add this as the first line:

It may not be what you think it should be.