Custom tensorflow model unable to process inputs (should be string) properly DURING TRAINING

Hey, I am stuck on making a custom tf model via the subclassing API. I asked my question here, if anyone has expertise in this and doesn’t mind helping me out I’d greatly appreciate it.

For reference, this is my first model I’m making in this manner so the fix may just be a quick and easy fix for seasoned model-makers.

Copy the .tflite model file to the assets directory of the Android module where the model will be run. Specify that the file should not be compressed, and add the Tensor Flow Lite library to the module’s build. gradle file: Explore the Tensor Flow Lite Support Library AAR hosted at Maven Central for different versions.

I don’t need to use a tf lite model or anything… For now I just wanted to get my model to run and train with the data I’m providing it… I don’t see how your comment helps me in any way