CV Beginner roadmap

Where to begin learning CV?
I want to start detecting people into pictures. (full body)
and then reinforce the theoretical part of the material covered.

Hi b01…

that depends, how much do you know about Machine Learning?
How much do you want to know about Machine Learning?

if you want to understand the basics, you can start here: Machine Learning Crash Course  |  Google Developers

If you know what ML is, you can start here:

if you don’t really want to learn all the details, just want to use ML as a regular developer and solve a specific problem, you can learn some things here:

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I want to learn everything I’ll be able
especially computer vision
I’d like to build my learning way with ton of practice.
I’ve already known basis of linear algebra and python, structure and work of the simplest neural network.
I’ll appreciate any help

the links I shared will give you a good start