Delivering a URL in the Tensorflow Chatbot "tag" attribute output

We’re having difficulty being able to identify which object or parameter we could use to deliver a URL (e.g., the chatbot transcript) to our user at the end of a chatbot session. Does anyone have any suggestions? What we’ve tried so far just over-layers the chatbot window we’ve created in Python.

Example from our json structure:
{“intents”: [
{“tag”: “greeting”,
“patterns”: [“Hi”, “How are you”, “Is anyone there?”, “Hello”, “Good day”, “Whats up”],
“responses”: [“Hello!”, “Good to see you again!”, “Hi there, how can I help?”],
“context_set”: “”
{“tag”: “goodbye”,
“patterns”: [“cya”, “See you later”, “Goodbye”, “I am Leaving”, “Have a Good day”],
“responses”: [“Sad to see you go :(”, “Talk to you later”, “Goodbye!”],
“context_set”: “”

Hi Dave,

I didn’t understand your question, can you clarify a little bit?
that would make easier for the community to help.