Detecting specific animal sounds - repurpose micro_speech?

Hello all,

I’m new here but working with a group trying to detect a specific animal sounds in the wild using ML on ESP32 devices.

Initially I thought that repurposing the micro_speech TFlite-micro example might be a good approach. It has an example optimized for the ESP32 & its using a trained model to recognize specific sounds. However the more I’ve researched the more it appears that the micro_speech example is (naturally enough of course) very specific to keyword detection & that the FFT code in the example contains optimizations for human speech.

I’d appreciate if anyone could suggest a better starting point or approach for this particular application.

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Hi Eletronic_Consult, welcome to the TF Forum!

For what you are trying to do, I’d start from here:

  1. Sound classification with YAMNet  |  TensorFlow Hub
  2. Transfer learning with YAMNet for environmental sound classification

and if you want to deploy it on the edge (phones, microcontrollers):
3. Klasifikasi Audio | ML di Perangkat  |  Google for Developers

On these links, there’s a lot of great information to help you achieve what you want

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