Doubt with colab_utils.annotate()

Can anyone help me with this:

I am following the Tensorflow notebook for Few shot learning ( Google Colab )

In it, I saw that they were annotating the images using colab_utils.annotate(). I can’t understand the annotation format they are using (like YOLO or COCO format). Another problem is that we can’t specify the classes at the time when we are drawing the bounding boxes and I have to remember the order in which I annotate the different images and classes so I can add them by code later on.

If someone can tell me what’s that format so I can annotate the images on my PC locally rather than on COLAB which will save a lot of time.

Any help would be appreciated.

Original Question Credits: tensorflow - colab_utils.annotate(), annotation format - Stack Overflow

The annotation format is in a docstring in the source code:

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I was going to post the exact same thing as @Bhack !

another resource that I found that might help is this notebook about the annotation function: Google Colab