Easy Image Generation

One topic that has been very hot in the Machine Learning community is Generating Images from text inputs

But did you know that you can use Keras to do exactly that and very fast?

you can start on this tutorial:

This will give you the basic understanding of how it works and you are ready and want to go even further and generate an animation, KerasCV got you covered too:

This implementations are open source and you too can help and collaborate with it!

Take a look here

there’s a lot of opportunities to have a big impact in the community!


Hey man do you know of something that is similar but instead of generating image, it should generate a long detailed and informative templated article?? I mean I want to pass it a keyword and it should give me a board informative article how I want. Do you know how I can achieve this?

you want to generate text?

Yes, that’s the target at least. A detailed and informative piece of text.

There are some services that do this kind of thing but I don’t think you’ll be able to do it well on your machine. The required models are usually very large

Well I am planning one using one of the public ones but I need to understand how they work. How do I learn building these models? That way I can maybe get one of them and customize that for my own use.

I guess you can find how to do this on OpenAI’s site as they have this kind of service

Isn’t the process of generating text NLG?? I think that’s it but I can’t find any tutorials on NLG.