Error - google/protobuf/ file not found


When trying to build a tensor flow version for android, with TF 2.9.1 - I have this error, following include from framework/device_attributes.pb.h.

Can you please help?


We can definitely try to help you but we need more information

You have a TensorFlow model? and you want to convert it to TFLite to use on your Android app?
or is it something else?
how did you try to convert the model? what was the output?

Do you wanna test a model on mobile or some change to TFLite sdk that you did?
if it’s the second, you don’t need to build it, just import the dependecy or use the one from Google Play services

If you want to only test a model, you don’t need to rebuild TFLite

Can’t you just convert it from TensorFlow and deploy on the app for testing?