Error in TFX while training on winequality dataset

Getting this error always when I am performing training in the latest TFX version! Need some solution,working from past few weeks, found nothing!

I am trying to train my TFX model training pipeline on inequality dataset but getting this error always!

ValueError: Got non-flat/non-unique argument names for SavedModel signature ‘serving_default’: more than one argument to ‘__inference_signature_wrapper_3681’ was named ‘fixed acidity’. Signatures have one Tensor per named input, so to have predictable names Python functions used to generate these signatures should avoid *args and Tensors in nested structures unless unique names are specified for each. Use tf.TensorSpec(…, name=…) to provide a name for a Tensor input.

maybe @Robert_Crowe can help here

… more than one argument to ‘__inference_signature_wrapper_3681’ was named ‘fixed acidity’.

Could you check your data? Which TFX component is giving this error?