Error regarding the tf.variable datatype

When i try to run a developed code. I received this error. I can’t even to recognize the meaning of the error…!

WARNING:tensorflow:Issue encountered when serializing variables.
Type is unsupported, or the types of the items don’t match field type in CollectionDef. Note this is a warning and probably safe to ignore.
Cannot set tensorflow.VariableDef.trainable to tf.float32: tf.float32 has type <class ‘tensorflow.python.framework.dtypes.DType’>, but expected one of: (<class ‘bool’>, <class ‘numbers.Integral’>)

I don’t understand what this mean. If anyone aware of this error, can you please help me out. I am ready to provide screenshot of the code…

To get the current value of a variable x in TensorFlow 2, you can simply print it with print(x) . This prints a representation of the tf. Variable object that also shows you its current value.