Error using tflite file in Snapchat's Lens Studio

I was looking to use the coco SSD tflite model in Snapchat Lens Studio. But it is giving the following error:

I have contacted snap’s team regarding the same and still waiting for their response. In the meantime, I thought if anyone of you can throw some light on the issue and why it is coming up then it would be great.

I guess the error is due to the fact that I am using .pb file whereas lens studio is expecting a .tflite file. I am following this tutorial and it states the steps to convert a tf v2 detection model to convert into a file model. I followed the colab netbook that is present in the GitHub file, but after doing that where in the colab file structure I can find the newly created file model?

Which files I have to download after completely running the notebook?

the TFLite file should be on the output_directory (according to the tutorial)

the pb file seems to be the non-converted model

So, from where can I get the correct .pb file?

I followed the colab notebook and extracted the model.tflite file. Now, it is giving the following error. Any idea, why is that?

The final file structure was this:

And I used the model.tflite file. I think I chose the right one, but don’t know why the error popped out?

Sorry, I don’t know, I never used Snapchat’s Lens Studio

Did you try using this converted model at least once just for test? to see if the conversion worked fine

No, I didn’t used the model. I generally uses tfjs model for web, don’t know how to use tflite models