Error when calling qna.load() : @tensorflow-models/qna

I have started using tensorflow model in JS and trying execute predefined models. I am loading @tensorflow-models/qna from “” the script got loaded but when I am trying to do qna.load() I am getting the following error. I would really appreciate some help.

FYI, I also could not install the npm package of @tensorflow-models/qna.

Stack: React frontend, node backend

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'loadGraphModel')
    at t.<anonymous> (qna:17:6641)
    at qna:17:1528
    at (qna:17:1633)
    at qna:17:571
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
    at r (qna:17:348)
    at t.load (qna:17:6525)
    at Object.<anonymous> (qna:17:9202)
    at qna:17:1528
    at (qna:17:1633)

Are you using in Node or front end via script import? If the later do you have a codepen or public example for me to inspect to see what may be going on?

If Node build issue then please submit a bug as that should be working (and I can not easily check your server side setup)

It seems you may be trying to use before it has loaded - you need to await the model load which is async.

@Jason I was making a mistake, what I did after my posting is that a) I first loaded tf.min.js and then loaded @tensorflow-models/qna and now I am able to successfully utilize the model. I am building a frontend to run all models in client side please try it out. I will move to Object Detection next.
Please mark this question as resolved.

Glad you got it sorted! Good job! Enjoy object detection! :slight_smile: