Error while converting saved model to mlir

I am trying to convert tensorflow saved model to mlir. I am using tensorflow/bazel-bin/tensorflow/compiler/mlir/tf-mlir-translate --savedmodel-objectgraph-to-mlir /path/to/saved_model -o out.mlir.

iam getting error as SavedModel import failed: Invalid argument: Exported function with exported name(s) ‘call’, ‘’ with multiple concrete functions. Add @tf.function(input_signature=[…]) on this function, or use a narrower list of exported names that excludes this function.


/cc @Jacques_Pienaar

Hey Aruna,

Could you perhaps print the signatures in the SavedModel? I don’t know this import path so asking someone who knows better and will need to dig a bit. But the structure would help - I suspect one would need to specify tf-savedmodel-exported-names or the like to disambiguate although the message says to re-export with name disambiguated.

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I able to solve the issue by giving tf-savedmodel-exported-names.