Error while importing efficientnet lite0 model

I have trained a model using tensorflow model maker

model = image_classifier.create(
    train_whole_model= False,

and exporting it:

model.export(export_dir='./tfjs-model', export_format=ExportFormat.TFJS)

then with tensorflow js I load it:

model = await tf.loadLayersModel("./tfjs-model/model.json");

but it throws the following error

Unknown layer: HubKerasLayerV1V2. This may be due to one of the following reasons:
1. The layer is defined in Python, in which case it needs to be ported to TensorFlow.js or your JavaScript code.
2. The custom layer is defined in JavaScript, but is not registered properly with tf.serialization.registerClass().
    at deserializeKerasObject (generic_utils.js:227)
    at deserialize (serialization.js:25)
    at fromConfig (models.js:861)
    at deserializeKerasObject (generic_utils.js:258)
    at deserialize (serialization.js:25)
    at loadLayersModelFromIOHandler (models.js:222)

I have also tried to export the model with tensorflow js, but I get the same error

`tensorflowjs_converter --input_format=tf_saved_model --output_node_names=‘efficientnet-b0/model/blocks_1/tpu_match_normalization’ --saved_model_tags=./model ./tfjs-model2