Error while using the tflite plugin with flutter 3

I am faceing issue the tflite plugin for flutter is pretty old it was last updated 15 months ago its throwing an error saying The plugin tflite uses a deprecated version of the Android embedding.
To avoid unexpected runtime failures, or future build failures, try to see if this plugin supports the Android V2 embedding. Otherwise, consider removing it since a future release of Flutter will remove these deprecated APIs.
If you are plugin author, take a look at the docs for migrating the plugin to the V2 embedding: Supporting the new Android plugins APIs | Flutter.

please if someone can update the plugin for the latest Android V2 embedding or let me now how to fix this so that the flutter app works


Having issue with that I am continuously getting this error and i have tried all the version of Tflite till 1.0.1, but still getting the same error.

i have the same issue i want to use a tflite model

do you solved your problem ?

i have same issue with (tflite: 1.1.2) , any solution for this ? kindly mail me. I have presentation after 4 days.

do you solved your problem? if yes then give me solution as well, i have same issue

do you solved your problem ?!