Errors in all the models I make


I’m new to ML and NN and I started in this area 3 months ago. However, I have been having problems for 3 days that I didn’t have before.
All my models simply stopped increasing their performance during training. It’s not a specific problem with a specific simple neural network, but with any neural network I make, from the most basic to the most advanced I can make, including Transfer Learning. It simply stagnates at the result of the first epoch and there is no improvement in performance.

I thought about the possibility of a problem with my computer or some kind of virus. But like I said, I’m new to Machine Learning. I need some suggestions from you.

Hi @Andre_Galhardo, Could you please let us know which type of model you are building.

Have you followed the steps like data normalization, feature scaling etc. Also could you please try by increasing the training samples. Thank You.