Errors in the browser console, looking for advice

I have checked this errors come from the tfjs-backend-webgl, as I am running some tensorflow code in the browser:

Assertion failed: gpgpu_util.bindVertexProgramAttributeStreams not fully successful
Assertion failed: gpgpu_util.bindVertexProgramAttributeStreams not fully successful.

Any ideas why would they appear in my tfjs code ? I am not even loading a neural network, just doing some tensor manipulation.


Hi @Mah_Neh !
Either your code/graphics card/browser might be incompatible with WebGl. Have you checked with any other browser supporting WebGL. You can also downgrade or upgrade your TFJS version too. Just curious on your TFJS version .
Thank you.

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Could you please provide standalone code to reproduce the problem? Please also include web browser and tfjs version information.

Thank you!

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Great, I think I manage to make a codepen that reproduces the error, it comes from the tf.fill and if you agree I will add it to github, but maybe we can first make sure this could be a bug:

@chunduriv @ManuK001

BTW the juicy bit is the 3 liines of JS code and the error will appear in the console.

Same error seems to be reported by user in Github, but it is not scoped to a function

@chunduriv @ManuK001 seems to be browser or platform specific. I use Ubuntu 20.04 and Firefox 111.0.1