Extend the collaboration on the CI

I want to try to explore a little bit the collaboration over the CI/infra.
After evaluating the recent positive impact of having a more transparent and reproducible linting env with a [public Github action] (Actions · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub) in the repository why we don’t progressively expand a little bit this pilot with self-hosted github runners?

I’ve already talked about this in PR #48421 and I’ve mentioned different solutions. As you can see in comments some of the mentioned repo are maintained by Google Cloud team members.

As the dev-infra team is always quite busy having Gtihub Action workflows hosted in the main repository with self-hosted GitHub runners I think it could open the collaboration and partially co-maintainership on the CI infra, minimizing, as possibile, the delta between the internal testing perimeter/env and the public testing space increasing the transparency and community collaboration.

E.g. As you can see in Numpy 1.20 issue/PRs people often don’t understand the full picture of our CI (internal + external).

Minimizing the delta with an expanded public space could help us to build up a more conscious community which is one of the prerequisites for attracting more contributions also in this specific domain.

/cc @thea @Joana @yarri-oss


We have an internal draft proposal on this but any kind of public feedback is welcome.