Faster RCNN Transfer Learning

Excuse me does anybody know how to transfer learning a Faster RCNN to my own dataset? Or is there any reference for that? because I still don’t understand is it included as my base network in my model or what. Thank you very much


How about the following, though I’ve not tested this yet:

  • In TensorFlow Hub (a repository of pre-trained TensorFlow models), click on/search for “object detection” models: (link to Image Object Detection results: TensorFlow Hub)

    • In the results, there is faster_rcnn/openimages_v4/inception_resnet_v2 (link: TensorFlow Hub)

      Object detection model trained on Open Images V4 with ImageNet pre-trained Inception Resnet V2 as image feature extractor.

      FasterRCNN+InceptionResNetV2 network trained on Open Images V4.

  • Then, check out the Trasferisci l'apprendimento con TensorFlow Hub  |  TensorFlow Core tutorial.

Looping in @lgusm (DevRel) and the docs team - notebook co-authors @billy @markdaoust

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TensorFlow HUB currently doesn’t support fine-tuning on Faster RCNN and generally on other models in the Object Detection API.

But it is a quite requested feature. See Make Object detection models fine-tunable · Issue #678 · tensorflow/hub · GitHub.

Let’s see if there is any other progress to share on this.


Might be available (no deadline I guess) under TensorFlow Model Garden: