Feature vector model

Hi @Jason and everyone. Actually, I am working on a project and want to know that is there any chopped version of the Coco SSD model to be used with tfjs?

I can’t find the feature vector model of COCO SSD on tfhub. In the course, @Jason used the mobilenet’s feature vector model, but I need to detect custom classes (many of them in an image) along with their bounding boxes.

So, I guess COCO SSD model fits my needs best. Am I right? And if yes, then please guide me whether I can get the feature vector model for that from anywhere or not?

Isn’t there any alternative for the Coco sdd model for detecting multiple classes in an image along with their bounding boxes?

Waiting for a reply :slightly_smiling_face:

COCO-SSD model is frozen I believe and not in layers format for chopping up.

To do your own multibox detection for a custom object you should use the popular YOLO model. A great write up on how to do this by @hugozanini is available here to follow:

And he also recently followed up with a dense CPG example too which could be relevant:

In these cases you retrain the YOLO model in Python and then export to the TensorFlow.js format to run client side in browser!

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