Finding All Official Example Projects

I have found the official introduction example guides on the official site TensorFlow Core

But I could not find more example codes up until I have bumped in to:

So is there any other example full projects specialized on topics?
(I love their format and the added COLAB just makes it easier to learn it.)

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As you’ve seen, TensorFlow has a lot of projects :slight_smile: We encourage writing Jupyter (Colab) notebooks for all guides and tutorials since we can 1. test the docs to make sure everything works on, and 2. provide an nice user experience for interactive learning. Here’s a blog post about that.

The “core” TensorFlow docs live together under /guide and /tutorials and these are mostly notebooks. There are additional projects listed under the Resources section in the top nav: Models & datasets, Tools, and LIbraries & extensions. They may link to other sections of the website or maybe just out to a GitHub project—it depends if it’s for production, for research, and project stability.

There’s not a good way to see all technical docs and notebooks across the site but, in the translations repo, you can find a nightly snapshot of all project docs aggregated together. Could be interesting browsing if you’re just looking for notebooks and to get a sense of the larger structure.