Fine in picture list which one is a landscape


First sorry for my enclise, I am a French grirl.
I havé a folder with some pictures.
With python, i saint to get only picture représentant a landscape
In tf / keras do you know if a dataset exist for landscape detection ?
A pretrain model is better for me, i am not’an expert on TF

Thks bj advance


Hi @thais781_thai, I don’t think there is any dataset for landscape detection in tensorflow and keras. Thank You.

Thanks for your help
Do you know how I can détecte is représentant à landscape ?
Do j’étais can détect tree on a picture ? If so, could it be an idea to caractérise à pictural is thé ration is high ?

Hi @thais781_thai, sorry i was not able to understand it properly even after translating it to English. Could you please elaborate more about this. Thank You.

Sorry for my english, here a good traduction …

Good morning,
Do you have any idea how I can identify images representing a landscape?
For example, can we detect trees in an image and if there are many of them then it is a landscape?
Where can we know if the dominant color of an image is green? Could we deduce that it is a landscape?


I’m not aware of any such pre-trained model, unfortunately.

I don’t know anything about this topic, but quick google research seems to yield interesting related papers, e.g. Landscape classification with deep neural networks (D.Buscombe, and A.C.Ritchie) if you want to get your hands dirty…

I’m French-native. You can drop me a PM if English is a hurdle for you. I’m not an expert in this field though as stated above.
Laisse-moi un message perso pour un coup de main. En sachant toutefois que je ne suis pas un expert sur le sujet.