First time tensorflow user


I have built a model in python and have saved it into a pb folder. I am trying to load this model inside a node app using the information provided here Run a TensorFlow SavedModel in Node.js directly without conversion — The TensorFlow Blog

When it comes to loading the model I get the following error

“tfg_optimizer{} failed: NOT_FOUND: Op type not registered ‘DisableCopyOnRead’ in binary running on {my mac name}. . Make sure the Op and Kernel are registered in the binary running in this process. Note that if you are loading a saved graph which used ops from tf.contrib, accessing (e.g.) tf.contrib.resampler should be done before importing the graph, as contrib ops are lazily registered when the module is first accessed.”

Can anyone point me in the right direction thanks.

Hi @chris_au , Did you save your own model or have you used any pre trained model ? Could you please try by importing tensorflow_text before loading the model.

If the error still persists please share the standalone code to reproduce the issue. Also please provide the details about the tensorflow and other package versions you are using. Thank You.


This is a brand new model built by me not a pre trained model. When you say import tensorflow_text do you mean to import it into my node app? Can you please provide a link to show me what library I need to import?

Hi @chris_au, Before loading the model please import tensorflow_text. Thank You.