From A to Z - ML learning

Hi i will be honest i dont have a clue in coding(yet) nor ML subject

And im wondering if someone heard or get his/her knowledge by the next sites which offer some data(which im not sure how much good it is)

Datacamp(with their paid version, for now im kind of doing their free trial course)
Udacity(which is more expensive then those 3 above,but the knowledge is important enough to me to think of it as an option)

I want to hear some “PRO” thoughts on what to do next i mean i can start with something but i really prefer not do waste my time on something bad so…


Hi Yovel,

There’s a lot of great free content for you to start before you need/want to pay for a course.
I’d start with those.

Something like Machine Learning Crash Course  |  Google Developers

There’s also this thread:

I hope this helps!

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