Geometric Deep-learning

Can we have SIG for GDL/3D deep learning? It would be also a good idea to create a tag and resources thread for GDL.


There was a plan for TF Graphics to start a SIG

But I don’t know what Is the current status

We have also TF 3D but on GitHub it Is still under Google Reaseach org.

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Adding @ewilderj @thea

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Hi @concaption - great idea. We first worked to create a SIG at the beginning of COVID, and a lot of the initial members were no longer able to prioritize participating in the SIG. This is a good reminder to check back in to see whether they have bandwidth to restart discussions. We generally wait to create new SIGs until there is enough community interest and a core group on-board to drive collaboration.

In the meantime, adding tags for those topics is a great idea. Will take a look at that.


Interested in this SIG.

I have research interest in using Deep Learning for 2D geometry (profiles) as well. Example: GitHub - yogeshhk/MidcurveNN: Computation of Midcurve of Thin Polygons using Neural Networks