Get_weights, set_weights

I everybody,
I want to average the weights of three identical model trained with different training sets and that create a new model with averagerd weights coming from these three models.
My models have the same structure.
I’ve tried with this code but seems the weights of the new model that i want create remanins equal to the last model that i fit.
What i should do in order to make it works?

def load_all_models():
  all_models = list()
  for i in range(3):
    filename = 'Conv_autoencoder_'+str(n)+'_layer_.h5'
    model = load_model(filename)
    print('Loaded model %s' % filename)
  return all_models
# create a model from the weights of multiple models
def model_weight_ensemble(members, weights):
    n_layers = len(members[0].get_weights())
    avg_model_weights = list()
    for layer in range(n_layers):
      layer_weights = np.array([model.get_weights()[layer] for model in members])
      # weighted average of weights for this layer
      avg_layer_weights = np.average(layer_weights, axis=0, weights=weights)
      # store average layer weights
    # create a new model with the same structure
    model = clone_model(members[1])
    # set the weights in the new
    model.compile(optimizer='SGD', loss='mean_squared_error')
    return model

members = load_all_models()
print('Loaded %d models' % len(members))
n_models = len(members)
weights = [1 for i in range(1, n_models+1)]
autoencoder_global = model_weight_ensemble(members,weights)