Getting weights on a Arduino


I’m currently trying to get the weights of a pre trained modle on a Arduino (Portenta). I want to use the weights for a optimisation for a controll task.

The problem i got is, that i don’t finde a way to read the weights of the modle on the Arduino out of the .cc or the .h file. Did somebody else try this yet?
I read that training on microcontrollers is new, so i hope the weights are some where readable in the file.

I have the same problem.
Have you found a solution?

unfortunately I have not found a solution to the problem. But since I didn’t want to train my model on the Arduino anyway, I switched to saving the weights directly from the Python script in an .h file, which I then include on my Portenta.

If someone has an idea in what way it is possible after all, I would still appreciate an answer :slight_smile: