GNN for tensorflow.js?

I might have missed it but is there going to be GNN released for JavaScript any time soon?

This is a good question. AFAIK I am unware of any timeline for this in the immediate future but maybe @pyu or @lina128 knows if that is in the pipeline or not for 2022.

Thanks for the info. Still hoping to hear a response from those you tagged but for my 2c most of the useful use cases seem to rely on GNN since most structured data is a graph. Analysing images is great and all but GNN seems MUCH more useful than anything else and so great if it can be prioritised. Also, .js preferred over python

Totally with you there - JS FTW!

We are a younger team so there is a continuous game of replicating the most needed features from TF Research to JS.

On a positive note though TensorFlow.js has been growing in usage exponentially last few years as JS developers realize the potential here - for which ~70% of devs use JS as a primary language so a huge potential future community in the making as ML reaches more folk.

Thanks again for your enthusiasm in TensorFlow.js! In the meantime while we wait for a reply as things are slow right now given it is new years eve tomorrow, if you find any other folk interested in this topic area for JS, please do direct them here so we can find out if any folk may be interested in helping to implement this. Just in case the team does not have capacity to do in the immediate future this could be a community contribution to the product as part of the TensorFlow.js SIG (Special Interests Group).

In addition, I have started a feature request on github below which you can also point people to so we can monitor how much people want/need this feature to help prioritize in the future. Feel free to share with others:

Feel free to add to this open feature request with more details of what would be the most crucial parts to have first etc if there is a specific sub part of this that is more important than others etc.

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I’m happy to help. I’m a pretty decent JS developer, degree in computing science, 30 yrs of coding overall, been building a couple of Firebase/GCP/react apps lately. Happy If you want to screen me to see if I’m up to helping. Main interest is applying GNN to Archimate models, which are graphs. Have built a few simple things with ML toolkits, and binge watched many ML videos, so I’d be assisting as someone who can probably climb the learning curve as a keen newb

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Please do leave a comment on the github feature request so our SWEs know you exist and are willing to help out!