Guidance on Creating a Python-Related

Hello everyone,

I m Babita Rawat a software engineer & I m new to this group. I am excited to contribute and learn from the TensorFlow community. I have a Python-related query but which category would be the best place to post my query on this website? or how to proceed. I am unsure about where and how to do it. Could someone please guide me on which category to select and how to proceed with creating my query on this website?
As a software engineer, I have good experience working with Python and I am particularly interested in exploring its applications within TensorFlow. I am eager to engage with fellow enthusiasts and professionals to learn more about Python’s role in TensorFlow development
Could you please suggest the appropriate category or forum section where I can post my Python-related query within the TensorFlow community? Any tips or guidelines on how to craft my query effectively would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and guidance. I’m looking forward to engaging with the community and learning from your insights and experiences.

For Python-related queries within Tensorflow, the best place to post is on Stack Overflow under the tensorflow tag. Ensure your question is clear, concise, and includes code snippets for context. This will help you get precise and helpful responses from the community.

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@Kenna_Crook thank you for my help. :grinning: