Has Conv3D fully supported on Apple Silicon yet?

Hi Community,

I am using an Apple Silicon device try to run a 3D-Unet learning network. I have installed the Tensorflow correctly and tried the MINST dataset training successfully (Using Conv2D). But when I changed the layer with 3D there are always error messages as follow:

InvalidArgumentError: Conv3DBackpropInputOpV2 only supports NDHWC on the CPU.
[[{{node training/Adam/gradients/gradients/conv3d_29/Conv3D_grad/Conv3DBackpropInputV2}}]]

The codes/network is executable on Google Colab, but I really want to run it on my local device. If anyone knows what could the issue be or if the conv3D is not yet fully supported on Apple silicon please let me know.

Any suggestion and comment is welcome
Many many thanks